The Elementum Checklist

We guide companies to become investor ready and support execution of the company’s business plan.  Investors are at an advantage working with Elementum clients, because our robust methodologies ensure the opportunity is fully qualified.

Information Memorandum, short form collateral
Capital management, instruments and pathways
Financial modelling and analysis
Intellectual property – strategy and management
Strategic planning
Product development and roll out
Board structure and governance
Regulatory – FDA, CE and TGA
Strategic alliances, partnerships
Marketing and communication program
Risk analysis
Exit strategies

Due Diligence
Research – market and targets
Legal instruments
Risk management and mitigation
Contract negotiation to maximize outcome
Financial modelling and analysis

Financial Modelling
Media and Communications
Technology transfer options, documentation and methods
Intellectual property protection
Royalty structures
Contract negotiation
Legal instruments

Listing, reverse mergers, schemes of arrangement
Board structure and governance
Listing rules and corporate governance
Enterprise Risk Management programs
Globalization Strategy
Investor relations
Global capital management, sourcing and raising capital
Media and Communications
Executive Coaching