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A Global Ecosystem - North America, Europe, Asia & Australia.

  Philippa Lewis  Principal

Philippa Lewis

Philippa Lewis is the founder and Managing Director of Elementum.   Together with the team of Virtual Experts, Elementum provides advice, guidance and services to start ups and early stage businesses who wish to achieve commercial success in their given field.

The business utilises the extensive experience of Philippa Lewis as the Managing Director, to assemble other knowledgeable, experienced and global experts know to her from her 25 years as a business leader. Virtual Experts span technology, law, finance, capital, strategy, software, governance and regulatory.

Philippa's experience and proven success extends across disruptive technology, knowledge in Aged Care, start-ups, IPO's, strategic capital management, medical devices, licensing, digital technology, cognitive computing and hig data across the US, Europe, Canada, China and Australia.

As a strategic futurist, Philippa has founded multiple private and listed startup companies.  Product development and commercialisation of disruptive digital technologies have been a hallmark of her career.

Philippa and the Virtual Experts bring a significant portfolio of true "hands on" skills and experience, so often lacking when only theoretical alternatives are applied.  A 1st Principles approach is most powerful when it is based on "lived experience".